Friday, February 6, 2009

Collecting Smiles :))


Hold the door open for whoever is following you through, not necessarily a lady, but even for someone with loads of shopping bags, walking aids, prams, parents with children to control, etc. Just think..does it make sense for even a much fitter person behind you to have to open the door again when you could just hold it one second longer? Collect a smile.·Try to assist others getting off and on public transport - this can include helping them with cases, making sure they don't fall or even just making sure you are not in the way. Your ‘help’ also helps hurry them up so you yourself can get on or off more quickly minus the fuss and hurry. In the bargain, you may collect a smile. ·Everyone has ups & downs, and if you really have not had a hard day, give your seat to someone who probably has had a tough day. But definitely vacate your seat to accommodate an elderly person, a handicapped person, a pregnant lady, or just about anyone who looks like they need to sit. Check that grateful smile. ·If you happen to be on the receiving end of courtesy or chivalry, be polite enough to say please, thank you, and to pass on a smile. However, do remember that you are doing all this chivalry and courtesy for yourself, because that is the way you are. Do not expect people to whom you are being civil to be overly polite or to thank you or even give you a smile. Some will be lacking the basic manners, some may be having a chip on their shoulder, while others may be genuinely holding the world on their shoulders at that time. Just accept it that they do not have your niceties, and reward yourself with a smile.

Posted by Arun Chaturvedi in the community on 07/11/08

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