Friday, February 6, 2009

Indian Dining Manners

Well Guys, we have spent considerable energy and time learning about everything English and European. Lets ponder over our own roots..Here I would invite your attention on Etiquettes on Indian dining.Wait for the host or the eldest person to start first. You should maintain silence while eating food. You are not expected to chat unnecessarily with the people around the table. It is acceptable to not use cutlery for eating, as many foods - such as Indian breads and curry - are best enjoyed when eating with the hand. Wash hands thoroughly before sitting at the table as some Indian foods are primarily eaten by hand. Also, wash hands after eating the food. Usually, a finger bowl (with luke warm water and lemon) is served per person for rinsing fingers. In North India, when eating curry, the gravy must not be allowed to stain the fingers --only the fingertips are used. However, in South India, it is acceptable to use more of your hand. When flatbreads such as chapati, roti, or naan are served with the meal, it is acceptable and expected to use pieces of them to gather food and sop-up gravies and curries. The cardinal rule of dining is to always use the right hand when eating or receiving food and never the left. Even a piece from the bread is broken using the right hand alone. It is considered unhygienic to use your spoon or fingers to share food from someone else's plate once you have started using your own. Instead, ask for a clean spoon to transfer the food to your plate from the common dish. When eating with hands, always eat with right, as mentioned above. However, use only the other clean hand to transfer food from a common dish on the table. It is not necessary to taste each and every dish prepared; but you must finish everything on the plate as it is considered a respect for served food. For that reason, take only as much food on the plate you can finish. Usually guests help clear the dishes.

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